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  Mana'o Pili

Waipuna is an exciting collaboration of two talented individuals, Kale Hannahs and Matt Sproat. After many years on the Hawaiian music circuit, these two Kamehameha School graduates first performed together as a duo on a tour to Japan in October 2007 with Kumu Hula Noelani Chang. Kale and Matt’s eclectic musical background and similar taste in music has led to the development of a unique sound that draws comparisons to their name, Waipuna, or spring water. Just like a mountain spring, this talented duo provides a new refreshing sound that fills the senses and captures the mind.

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Mana'o Pili is the name of this duo’s debut CD, which includes an eclectic assortment of songs that showcases their versatility, range and broad appeal. The flow of Waipuna’s sound honors ancestral traditions and represents the continuing evolution of our living culture. Hold this thought close as you enjoy their musical ho‘okupu…Mana‘o Pili.


1: Malama Mau Hawai’i 2: Papa Sia 3: Lehua Mamo 4: Home Kapaka 5: E Pili Kaua 6: Ka Ulu Niu O Waipouli 7: Kiss Me Love 8: Honomuni 9: Mana’o Pili 10: Ali’ipoe 11: I Can See Arkansas 12: Owl’s Lullaby 13: Home