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At East Honolulu Clothing Company, we design and manufacture contemporary Island-wear and we make the garments right here in Waimanalo, at our shop by hand, from start to finish. We have a large selection of fabrics, many different  colors, textures, weights and prints.


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Way cool work out fabrics for work or play. These fabrics are usually found only in athletic wear but our gang here at East Honolulu Clothing Company turns them into exceptionally comfortable and stylish everyday wear.

Our fabric is incredible, it stretches, breathes, and moves moisture away from your skin to the surface of the fabric where it dries almost instantly. Our clothing is machine washable , very lightweight and hardly ever needs ironing.


Our graphic prints are all all original artwork. created by Andrea Weymouth-Fujie, hand cut onto large oversized silk screens and hand printed onto the cut fabric with water based paints and inks. The placement of the prints on the pattern pieces is situated so as to flatter and as such varies from size to size and style to style. New graphics are introduced on a quarterly basis.

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Way cool, contempory

East Honolulu Clothing Company


Classic  styles, relaxed fit

Double Paws Wear


Athletic fit active wear

Horsechicks Hawai'i





 way cool work out fabrics

 Katherine and Dorthea 


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