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Our high tech wick-away knits are hand printed, one piece at a time, using water based textile inks. This allows us to use special fabrics & extra large screens to truly create an art piece with each and every product. This does however allow for imperfections in our prints. We find these are indicative of hand printed cloth and part of our artistic process. We hope you appreciate them too!


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All of our knits have a  different stretch factor, and while we try to take that factor into consideration,  there may be slight variations in  sizing. Our well trained staff is always available to help you determine your off the rack size or to assist you in placing a custom order.



 We custom mix our ink colors and as such vary slightly from batch to batch. The placement of the prints on the garment pieces is situated so as to work with the size and shape of the garment as well as any specific layout requests a customer may have.
Many of our prints are designed to work with each other, layering several screens in 2-3 colors.

Our staff will assist you in selecting complimentary combinations. Layout/positioning is designed to flatter the size and shape of the garment.

Custom charges include one screen in one color ink. $5.00 per each additional screen and or color is charged to cover our extra costs.

Custom mixed ink colors are also available, costs determined by screen size. We generally add new prints every quarter.


     print swatches for custom

     banana print

  Banana Leaf & Flower Print


 banana on spruce  banana and palm fruit print

  Banana and Palm Fruit Print